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Number of runs: 2787
Total distance: 31459 km
Total time spent running: 110 days 8 hours 29 minutes 12 seconds
Average pace: 5:03 min/km
Average distance per run: 11.3 km
Average time per run: 0 hours 57 minutes 1 seconds

Last 30 runs

DateLocationDistanceTimePaceType of RunTime of Day
Sat, Jun 12Old Orchard Park5 km30:066:01 min/kmeasy10:29
Fri, Jun 11Old Orchard Park5 km29:395:56 min/kmeasy12:27
Thu, Jun 10Old Orchard Park6 km31:585:20 min/kmmedium12:11
Wed, Jun 09Old Orchard Park5 km30:376:07 min/kmeasy12:16
Tue, Jun 08Old Orchard Park6 km32:255:24 min/kmmedium12:14
Mon, Jun 07Old Orchard Park5 km30:426:08 min/kmeasy11:40
Sun, Jun 06Town Centre Loop13 km1:13:425:40 min/kmmedium10:31
Sat, Jun 05Old Orchard Park6 km37:396:17 min/kmeasy13:11
Thu, Jun 03Alderside (half)8 km45:325:42 min/kmmedium06:05
Wed, Jun 02Old Orchard Park5 km31:216:16 min/kmeasy06:13
Tue, Jun 01Alderside (half)8 km45:255:41 min/kmmedium18:19
Mon, May 31Old Orchard Park5 km32:316:30 min/kmeasy12:09
Sun, May 30Mundy 2 loops8 km48:556:07 min/kmmedium11:45
Sat, May 29Old Orchard Park5 km31:466:21 min/kmeasy09:37
Fri, May 28Old Orchard Park5 km31:216:16 min/kmeasy11:50
Thu, May 27Alderside (half)7 km39:055:35 min/kmmedium12:11
Wed, May 26Old Orchard Park5 km31:216:16 min/kmeasy11:46
Tue, May 25Alderside7 km39:445:41 min/kmmedium06:21
Mon, May 24Old Orchard Park5 km32:426:32 min/kmeasy09:46
Sun, May 23Alderside (half)8 km45:435:43 min/kmmedium08:36
Sat, May 22Old Orchard Park5 km32:506:34 min/kmeasy06:30
Fri, May 21Old Orchard Park5 km32:246:29 min/kmeasy17:51
Thu, May 20Old Orchard Park6 km36:536:09 min/kmmedium06:13
Wed, May 19Old Orchard Park5 km32:416:32 min/kmeasy06:17
Tue, May 18Old Orchard Park6 km38:416:27 min/kmeasy06:11
Mon, May 17Old Orchard Park5 km30:026:00 min/kmmedium17:44
Sun, May 16Como Lake5 km32:086:26 min/kmeasy08:51
Sat, May 15Old Orchard Park6 km37:196:13 min/kmmedium11:03
Thu, May 13Old Orchard Park5 km31:486:22 min/kmmedium12:34
Tue, May 11Old Orchard Park5 km32:526:34 min/kmmedium12:30

Type of runs - Legend

recoveryas easy as possible, ideally without running watch, slow jog
easyheartrate <= 140 bpm
mediumbread and butter runs, regular pace without pushing hard
hillssignificant uphill running at hard pace
marathon pacerun at marathon pace, typically between 5km and 20km
thresholdrun at lactate threshold pace, typically between 3km and 8km
intervalrepeats on track or road, usually 3x - 12x between 400m and 3km
long runruns longer than 90min or 15km, preparation for longer races
raceall out, attempt to run as hard as possible, should be followed by recovery/easy runs
LocationUngless loop
Distance6 km
Average pace5:48 min/km
Average heart rate154

Number of runs: 2787, Last run on: Saturday, Jun 12 2021
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